Vet Fired After Bragging of Killing Cat – Update

‘My first bow kill’ was how Dr. Kristen Lindsey allegedly described a cat’s death. This story is unbelievable.  This woman, who is a trained veterinarian, shot a cat in the head with an arrow and then had the audacity to post a brag about it on Facebook! What kind of person does this?? A Texas […] Read more »

Raccoon Trap Debate – Reporter Places Hand In A Trap

Is this “Humane”? Click the image above to see the news report I have many friends who provide animal control services and use various traps to caputure pests such as raccoons.  There has been a hot debate on this topic in Georia and in this news story the reporter actually puts his hand in a leghold […] Read more »

Children’s Book Teaches Teaches Kids About Stray And Feral Cats

Lots of 5 Star Reviews on Amazon While checking out some interesting articles on TRN, I stumbled upon a blog post about a book that was release last year, call “Cats on My Block”. It has a lot of great reviews on Amazon and sounds like a great book that can help teach your animal loving […] Read more »

Feral cat bill would fund ‘trap-neuter-release’ efforts across NY state… You’ll Be Suprised to Hear Who Does Not Support It

Trap Neuter Release debate

On the surface this sounds like a good thing, right? But it’s a hot topic for many groups I saw the headline about funding TNR and it sounded like a great thing to me. I was shocked to read about the people who don’t think that it’s right to fund TNR. I’d love to hear your […] Read more »

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