Raccoon Trap Debate – Reporter Places Hand In A Trap

Is this “Humane”?

Leg Trap Demonstration

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I have many friends who provide animal control services and use various traps to caputure pests such as raccoons.  There has been a hot debate on this topic in Georia and in this news story the reporter actually puts his hand in a leghold trap to demonstrate.   I respect the various opinions on appropriate traps used to control pests BUT, I am (obviously) a huge supporter of the most humane forms of trapping using the style of live traps we produce.

There are many examples of mutilated trageted pests (such as raccoons) and of course dogs and cats who come upon the style of leg trap that the report discusses.   In the example the spring is set at a resistence that enables him to avoid breaking his fingers, but I think that the mutilation occurs when tension is set too tight, AND the animal frantically trys to escape causing injury to itself.

I realize this is a sensitive topic, but I’d love to hear your comments.

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